Start Investing

We at FE Securities want you to have the power in your hands to decide how you want to trade or invest by giving you all the possible options that exist to choose from.

They are as below:

a) Web Based – Trading/Investing via our website as the name suggests. To start please click here

b) Mobile Based – Whether you are an android user or an Ios user, we have app for both platforms available to choose from for placing your orders with us. This is also a great option for anyone on the go. For our android app please click here  and for our ios app please click here

c) Exe Based – This facility is only available to those who use a machine with a windows operating system as exe files only run on Windows. You can download the exe application file and install it by clicking here.  For Mac users we suggest using either our web based or mobile based services.

d) Call & Trade – We even give you the option if you dont want to use any of the above, you want to go old school, we have got you covered. You can call our trading desk and place orders with them directly. Our contact numbers are Landline : 011-23350670/0672, 23317382/7385, mobile: +91 99103 34461